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Tea Party for Trump – Limited Government | Free Markets | Fiscal Responsibility




Our Goals

How We Will Make America Great Again

200 Canvassers

In Ohio: 200 canvassers, trained, motivated, and armed with the best walk lists we can provide.

Call Center

In addition to door knockers, we will build an army of call center operators who will help execute our partners’ strategies.


Ground games cost money. Taking care of our volunteers is a key to success. We hope to raise $1,000 per volunteer. Consider sponsoring a canvasser or call center rep. Donate to win.

Labor Day—Election Day

Time is short, but we will have boots on the ground in Ohio the day after Labor Day through Election Day. You can help. Donate. Volunteer. Share this page on social media.

A project of the Freedom for All PAC


We will deliver the team for a ground game in battleground states
Boots-on-the-ground Activism Is What the Tea Party Does Best

Our combined 200+ years of grassroots activism will go straight to the battlegrounds of the 2016 election. We all saw the party conventions: one party painted a sobering, realistic view of the world as it exists today with a plan and players to fix it. The other party painted a pollyanna fantasy where nothing is wrong and things couldn't be better. Grownups must deal with reality on reality's terms, and that means a Republican President in 2016. Are you okay with 1.2% GDP growth and 94 million working age Americans out of the labor force?

Our goal is to provide the teams for phone banks and door-to-door operations. We will work with other organizations and their strategies in each state.

We will begin with Ohio, the state most ripe for Trump's picking, and add additional battleground states as funding and time permit.

We prioritize states by:
- Polling (+/- 5%)
- Constituencies (manufacturing, energy, gun enthusiasts)
- Electoral college votes

We believe 2016 is the most important election of our lives. The Supreme Court is in danger with the loss of Antonin Scalia and the imminent retirement of Clarence Thomas.

If we don't do this now, we may never get the chance again.

Join us.

  • Volunteers Recruited

    We will use our combined 200 years of grassroots activism experience to get out the vote for Trump in key swing states.

  • Doors Knocked

    We will man call centers with trained volunteers

  • Dollars Raised

    We will dominate social media for Trump

  • Individual Donors

    We will advance our Tea Party Principles


Original Tea Party Founders dedicated to winning the most important election in history.
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Michael Patrick Leahy

Founding Member
Mike Leahy organized the very first Tea Party conference call on February 20, 2009. He is the author of Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement. He proposed the “Tea Party for Trump” project to the Freedom for All PAC, which readily approved it.
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Christina Botteri

Communications Director
Christina Botteri is a co-founder of the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Protest–yes, from February 2009. She, too, has been tirelessly working for our principles ever since. Christina is a master communicator and connector using those great skills to make America great again. Reach Christina at 916-223-2747.
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Bill Hennessy

Bill Hennessy called for the first St. Louis Tea Party on February 21, 2009. He has been active ever since. Bill has written 5 books, the latest, Turning On Trump, is the moving story of his conversion from anti-Trump to staunch Trump supporter. Hennessy’s View
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Lloyd Marcus

Entertainment and Events Director
The Unhyphenated American, Marcus’ articles are widely read. He is seen on Fox News & more. He penned the “American Tea Party Anthem” performed at 500 tea parties including Washington DC for 1.7 million.
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Eric Olsen

Founding Member
Co-founder of Montana Shrugged Tea Party Patriots in 2009 with daughter Jennifer Olsen. Together, Eric built up one of the largest grassroots organizations in the nation with peak membership of 6100 members. Everyday, Eric works diligently to get common-sense principles to the legislators on local and national levels.
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Tom Zawistowski

Tom Zawistowski is a co-founder of the Portage County TEA Party and current Executive Director. He is a former President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, current President of the We the People Convention and the Ohio Citizens PAC. His radio show is www.TEAPartyTalkwithTomZ.com
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Dan Schultz

Founding Member
Dan Schultz, author of the ebook “Taking Back Your Government: The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy,” became an elected Republican Party precinct committeeman in 2008 and recruits conservative tea partiers and others into the Republican Party committeeman ranks.
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Ed Martin Jr.

Founding Member
Phyllis Schlafly chose Ed Martin to succeed her as President of Eagle Forum, the pro family organization she founded in 1972.  Ed has served as Chairman of the St. Louis Board of Elections, chief of staff to a Missouri governor, and director of the Human Rights Office for the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  A founder of the St. Louis Tea Party, Ed is the co-author (Mrs. Schlafly & Brett Decker) of The Conservative Case for Trump (Regnery, 2016).
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Kay White

Founding Member
Kay White founded the Tri Cities Tea Party-912 in 2008. On the front lines of the Conservative Movement, Kay was first woman in East Tennessee to win in a Federal Election Primary in 1995. In 2012, she worked on successful Get Out the Vote projects in Virginia and Tennessee.
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Jim Hoft

Founding Member
Jim Hoft, the renowned blogger and journalist perhaps better known as The Gateway Pundit, helped launch the Tea Party movement in his hometown of St Louis, MO in 2009. His top-rated news site TheGatewayPundit.com specializes in publishing hard-hitting, fast-breaking stories, first.
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Dr. Gina Loudon

Founding Member
Dr. Gina Loudon, host of “America Trends with Dr. Gina,” has 2 master’s degrees & a PhD. She is the bestselling author of 2 books, & a popular TV & radio guest. Her psychological, political, & social commentary is in high demand on networks around the world, including FoxNews, FoxBusiness, CNN, CSPAN, ABC, Al Jazeera, BBC, HLN, & many more.
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Ann Corcoran

Founding Member
Ann Corcoran was a participant in the Hagerstown, Maryland Tea Party events in 2009. Since 2007, she has blogged at Refugee Resettlement Watch, a project prompted by the unexpected placement of refugees in Hagerstown that year.
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Michelle Moore

Founding Member
Co-founder and Executive Director of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition. Speaker, radio host, and dynamic leader.


Constitutionally Limited Government | Free Markets | Fiscal Responsibility

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