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ANALYSIS: Social Media Patterns Portend Trump Landslide – Tea Party for Trump

ANALYSIS: Social Media Patterns Portend Trump Landslide


As Mark Twain famously popularized, “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.”

More than ever, the questionable legitimacy of the statistical study of opinion – otherwise known as PUBLIC OPINION POLLS – is being pushed beyond all credulity with the latest batch of results showing Hillary Clinton leading by a lot (and then not so much) in national polls.

Via Breitbart:

Current polls show the race for President is much tighter than it really is.  Ann Coulter warned us years ago in her best seller Slander that Democrats and the liberal media always use polls to manipulate and discourage conservatives from voting.  Thanks to social media there is more and more evidence that the polls are way off and if things stay as they are, Trump will win in a landslide!

It’s evident Hillary has a hard time filling a Union Hall while Trump regularly turns people away from his stadium and arena venues.

trump-crowd-01My Dad gave me a great piece of advice when I was young. He said, “Sure, you should listen to what people say. But if you really want to know what they believe, watch what they do.”

People will say lots of things, for lots of different reasons. But their actions cannot lie.

So, what are people doing? They are flocking to Donald Trump. In droves.

Breitbart continued:

FACEBOOKTRUMP by 89% more Page Likes

Trump: 10,174,358 Likes
Clinton: 5,385,959 Likes

Trump Live Stream Post: 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views
Clinton Live Stream Post: 11,000 likes, 0 shares, 321,000 views

YOUTUBE Live StreamsTRUMP by 5900% more LiveStream Viewers on average

Trump: Averages 30,000 live viewers per stream
Clinton: Averages 500 live viewers per stream

TWITTERTRUMP by 30% more Followers

Trump: 10.6 million followers
Hillary: 8.1 million followers

hillary-crowd-01The polls making headlines in the Media today are deeply flawed because they are being manipulated by the pollsters, and probably also because people are not telling pollsters what they really believe.

But the tale of the tape about what people are doing – which the media is desperately trying to hide – tells a very different story, indeed.

Read the whole piece at: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/08/07/gateway-punditsocial-media-patterns-show-trump-looking-landslide-victory/

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