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EVENT: Tea Party for Trump Meeting August 27 – Tea Party for Trump

EVENT: Tea Party for Trump Meeting August 27


We are thrilled to announce the FIRST organizational meeting of the Tea Party for Trump project.

It will take place in the Columbus area in Ohio, and all who are interested to help deliver Ohio to Trump are welcome to join!

Here are the details:

The We the People Convention is sponsoring an organizational meeting for the TEA Party for Trump project with the goal of organizing our grassroots efforts in Ohio for the purpose of winning the state of Ohio in the November Election. The meeting will include:

1) A Q&A Session with representatives for the Ohio Trump Campaign Staff

2) A Presentation concerning the TEA Party for Trump projects national effort to assist the grassroots in Ohio with our election efforts.

3) Instructions on how to volunteer for the NRA election efforts in Ohio

4) A Discussion of other grassroots efforts that Ohio activists would like to employ in this election and how to implement them and fund them.

Lunch will be served.  Donations will be accepted in order to defray the costs of the event. Capacity is 300 seats and no one will be admitted without a reservation. This is a private meeting and the We the People reserves the right to refuse access or remove any individual at its sole discretion.

For more information, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tea-party-for-trump-project-meeting-tickets-26932047479

NOTE: This is a developing story, so check back often. Better yet, contact us here and we can keep in touch.

2 thoughts on “EVENT: Tea Party for Trump Meeting August 27

  • Door to door is old school and not as effective as getting out in the communities and doing events. Let the people come to you. We had a Trump table at the local Gun and Knife show and were bombarded with requests for yard signs, bumper stickers, materials. WE DID NOT have enough materials. We could not get materials from other surrounding areas. We are in Hamilton county. Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont counties as well as Kentucky and Indiana residents and people from northern Ohio counties were there. These are the people we want to reach. I believe our governor is making it difficult for us here in Ohio and the local GOP candidates are not really helpful as well as the local news media. My idea is to get out in the communities and make ourselves known. Setup drop off sites for donations of items to flood victims. We can let it me known that we are following the example of our next president and donating to help fellow Americans in need. We can also do this within local areas for school supplies in for schools in areas that are lower income and in need. We need to show the voters in those areas that Trump and his supporters are not racists and that our goal is to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by taking care of our citizens and making our communities safe and prosperous. We can reach more voters in less time with less volunteers and when we donate our items it is very possible that news media my accidentally cover Trump people helping out their communities. The problem is the media has made it scary for people to let their support be shown. My son’s car was vandalized because of the Trump signs in my yard. His entire door panel has to be replaced and my signs were ripped and thrown on the car after they scratched and dented it and then finally peed on it. My son got a look at one of them running away. He is a disabled vet and does not have the $500 deductible after buying school supplies etc. If he would have been Hispanic and it was a Hillary sign, it would have been a hate crime. People are afraid to openly show support and I spoke to some of the local people who went door to door and one the volunteers was actually supporting an independent candidate and our local GOP. This is the problem we have. We need to find a better way to get support for Trump and change the local people’s views that Trump and his followers are racist. We need to work smarter not harder. I have been doing what I can along with a few other die-hard Trump supporters but we are hanging alone out here while people decide what we should do then send us out knocking on doors in questionable areas. Great way to get killed. I got crap from the person working at the door at Sam’s Club for wearing my Trump T-shirt. She called over her manager to ask if I was allowed to shop in there wearing that shirt. This is what we are running into. Door to door is not going to change these attitudes in a noticeable way. Social media, news media and presence in the community will have a much better and quicker impact then calling on phones and knocking on doors. Festivals and community events are grassroots too. The RiverFest in Cincinnati on the river is a HUGE event that brings people in from all over Ohio, Indiana and KY. It would be a great time to have a Trump presence there. We keep missing chances to make a positive impression in our community. The DAV is having a 5K run the weekend before election day. Trump volunteers handing out bottled water and even a team participating in this would be great. Please help Trump win!!!!!!!!!!!!! America needs this.

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