Hillary Clinton’s Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE, Yet Truthful FBI Interview Exposes Disturbing Levels of Arrogance, Ignorance, and Entitlement

Here are 23 of the most surprising findings, according to the Daily Caller, from the 47-page report released on Friday, at the beginning of Labor Day weekend.
– Didn’t know ‘(C)’ meant ‘Confidential’
– Couldn’t remember briefings after she sustained a concussion
– Answered ‘Could not recall’ 40 times in her FBI interview
– Laptop with Clinton’s emails was LOST IN THE MAIL
– Warned to ‘be very careful’ about using private BlackBerry
– On two occasions, Clinton’s Blackberrys were destroyed by an aide with a hammer
– Clinton’s lawyers invoked attorney-client privilege
– Clinton kept BlackBerry in off-limits area
– Clinton emailed Obama while she was overseas
– FBI unable to find and analyze 13 mobile devices Clinton used
– Huma Abedin suggested creating the email system
– Sidney Blumenthal provided info that ‘was sometimes accurate, sometimes not’
– Clinton was subject to Tor attacks (very serious)
– Porn email caused hacking concern
– Emails deleted after New York Times expose
– Top secret rooms at Clinton’s homes weren’t secure
– Conflicting statements to FBI about system setups in her home
– Pagliano was told classified info would traverse server
– Pagliano visited Clinton’s home three times
– Sent an email with SECRET//NOFORN markings, meaning that in addition to being highly classified, the information cannot be seen by foreigners.
– Clinton’s top 3 aides said they didn’t know about server
– FBI recovered 17,448 “new” emails
– FBI couldn’t determine if server was hacked because of missing hardware

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