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If Clinton Wins, Will #NeverTrump Own Obamacare? – Tea Party for Trump

If Clinton Wins, Will #NeverTrump Own Obamacare?


As another major health insurance giant quits Obamacare, Americans for Limited Government president Rick Manning poses an important question: If Hillary Clinton (gulp) wins the presidency, will NeverTrump own Obamacare?

Via TheHill:

ObamaCare had another bad month, as four more of the co-ops set up with U.S. taxpayer dollars to provide consumers with a nonprofit choice for insurance failed — this time in Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio and Oregon. Out of $2.4 billion in “loans” by the federal government to the 23 original co-ops, $1.7 billion has been lost with few expectations that any of the co-ops will survive for the long haul.

The outlook is grim, and will get even worse in a Clinton Administration.

Manning warns:

From this day forward, every word written and spoken undermining Trump is an act of backhanded support for Clinton and the policies that she will push forward. So, Never Trumpers, if you want Clinton to finish the job of the nationalization of the healthcare system, keep bashing Trump, but don’t come back in 2017 trying to set the conservative position against HillaryCare when you accepted that outcome through your general election activities, making it a virtual impossibility to stop.

It is time to focus on the real consequences of a Clinton presidency and the permanent entrenchment of the Obama agenda as the fight shifts to Clinton’s attempts to expand upon it.

Sage advice.

Read the whole piece at: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/healthcare/290212-will-the-never-trumpers-own-obamacare-if-clinton-wins

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