Bill Hennessy on Breitbart News Daily: You can’t be NeverTrump AND NeverHillary

Author, St. Louis Tea Party co-founder, and Tea Party for Trump spokesman Bill Hennessy appeared on Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K Bannon Wednesday to discuss his new book, Turning on Trump. Via Brietbart: Tea Party activist Bill Hennessy chronicled his transition from Donald Trump opposition to Trump supporter in the book Turning on Trump and shared some[…]


If Clinton Wins, Will #NeverTrump Own Obamacare?

As another major health insurance giant quits Obamacare, Americans for Limited Government president Rick Manning poses an important question: If Hillary Clinton (gulp) wins the presidency, will NeverTrump own Obamacare? Via TheHill: ObamaCare had another bad month, as four more of the co-ops set up with U.S. taxpayer dollars to provide consumers with a nonprofit[…]

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