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The Tea Party for Trump Event Manual – Tea Party for Trump

The Tea Party for Trump Event Manual

The organizers of Tea Party for Trump have put together an ebook, the Tea Party for Trump Event Manual: Tips and Ideas for a Successful Event free for download.cover3d_0.31037600

The ebook shows people how they can host their own Tea Party for Trump event.

The Event Manual is clickable and linked; designed to be a quick read that focuses on the most critical aspects of event organization, from picking the right venue to dealing with the Press.

The ebook is arranged in two parts.  Part One discusses the operational nuts-and-bolts of Events.  Part Two contains pages of Resources, including real examples and templates organizers and take, use, and make their own.

A peek inside:

Part One – page 2

Tea Party for Trump Event Manual

Tips and Ideas for a Successful Event

Unless you’ve organized a lot of events, the idea of putting together a Tea Party for Trump event might sound a little daunting. That’s okay!

Here’s a manual that covers several areas. Use what works for you and your community and make it your own. If you get stuck, feel free to shoot us an email, text, or even give us a call. We’ll help you as much as we can.


The Tea Party for Trump project has one main, overriding purpose: to find people who are ready, willing and able to help – in a meaningful way – to work with us and our Partners at the NRA to Get Out The Vote in the key state of Ohio, and then hopefully others like Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and more. All the important mechanics about this program are at the end of this manual.

Specifically, that means:

– People who are willing to call Ohio residents (canvassing first, then follow-up to go vote)
– People who are willing to travel to Ohio to door knock
– People who are willing to write and send postcards to Ohio residents

Our goal is to launch similar efforts in additional swing states, but for this launch, it is all about Ohio.

A secondary – but still very important – goal is to get people excited and empowered to elect a totally new kind of President!

Let’s Tea Party for Trump like it’s 2009

One of the first and biggest lessons we learned when we were organizing that first wave of rallies was the importance of COLLABORATION.

If you are ready and raring to go to organize your Tea Party for Trump event, take a quick moment to do a Facebook and Google search to see if someone in for your general area is already planning one.  If so, that’s great!  Reach out and ask to join their effort – I’m sure they will love to have the extra hands-on-board.

If you find another event, but they are, say, 30 miles or more away from your general location, reach out to them to let them know you will be planning an event as well, and try to work together to get the word out about your awesome events.

Finally, drop us a quick line at founders@teapartyfortrump.org to let us know you are committed to hosting a Tea Party for Trump event.  If you like, we can help you with the basics of setting up a Facebook event, Eventbrite page, etc.

Click  here to download your copy, and then come back and let us know what you think.

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